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Wood Lockers
Custom wood lockers are available in all finishes, sizes and styles.
Plastic laminate is a cost effective

alternative & available in most laminate finishes. Lockers ship pre-built for easy installation

​​Storage Lockers

Atlantic Building Specialties is national supplier of Lockers of all types. We supply lockers to schools, restaurants, health care facilities, industrial, health clubs, etc; Whether your next project requires corridor lockers, gym lockers, staff lockers, we can help you select the right product for facility. We provide Metal lockers, Plastic Lockers (Tufftech Lockers), Wood Lockers and Plastic Laminate Finish Lockers.
Our experienced staff can assist with your design, specifications, and pricing needs.    
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Select the right style locker for your facility.
Solid plastic construction meets rugged good looks. Rust-proof. Dent-resistant. Virtually maintenance-free, Tufftec lockers ship Preassembled. Standard Metal Lockers are cost effective storage solution, available in all sizes & styles

Scranton Products: (aka Comtec Industries, Santana Products)
Scranton Products offers Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions, HDPE, Fire Rated Toilet Partitions, Resistall Toilet Partitions. Recycled Material / Post Consumer Recycled Toilet Partitions. Scranton Products also offers Solid Plastic HDPE Lockers.

Hadrian offers Metal Toilet Partitions, Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions, Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions and Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions, Metal Lockers

Bradley Corp. is a manufacturer of Mills Toilet Partitions, Bradley Toilet Accessories, Lenox Solid Plastic HDPE Lockers

ASI Storage Solutions:
ASI Storage is a manufacturer of metal lockers and Plastic Lockers

Penco Products:
Penco Products is a manufacturer of Metal Lockers

Ideal Lockers:
Ideal Products is a manufacturer of Plastic Laminate Lockers, Wood Lockers

Lyon Metal Products aka Lyon Workspace Products:
Lyon Metal Products is a manufacturer of Metal Lockers